Upgrade ★★★★

This was incredibly entertaining! The opening act had me feeling a bit iffy with the jarring future setting being such an unexpectedly huge part of this film’s plot. However, this movie quickly gets right to the point once STEM is properly introduced. It was pretty cool to see the narrative rapidly turn from dramatic recovery film to hyper-violent revenge thriller on a dime. The fight scenes, especially the first one, were so insanely brutal that I was openly cheering and audibly reacting while watching this all alone in my room. Seriously, this was one of the biggest surprises of the year, and that’s pretty convenient considering Blumhouse was also responsible for 2017’s biggest cinematic surprise in Happy Deathday. It’s good to see Leigh Whannell is still going strong. Though this film’s twist was no where near as startling as his finale in 2004’s Saw, you can also argue that nothing ever will be. That’s a bragging right if I ever hear one. 

- The Spork Guy

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