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Hello, I write about movies sometimes.
Favorites = top two + whatever movies I'm big on at the moment.

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    "The light is mine!"

    Absolute fucking madhouse. This film is thundering into your head and just bringing so many different emotions out of you. One moment your laughing your ass off to Dafoe and Pattinson's bickering, but then the next moment the film shakes your soul out of you. I've never seen a film so manic. Devilishly masterful.

  • Joker



    Edit: lowered my score from 2. Some things just don't sit right with me at the moment. Really difficult and complicated thoughts to put into words at the moment, but to put it this way, this is exactly the kind of movie Todd Phillips would make. Pathetically bad.

    "No one's laughing now."

    I honestly don't know what I expected of Joker. Part of me was excited, but also scared to see this movie, but the end product just shows that…