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  • Aladdin



    Outside of William's iconic voice performance and the spectacular music, I don't find a whole lot to appreciate about Aladdin. The love story really isn't that interesting, and I find Jasmine and Aladdin just really boring. Impressive animation, music and voice work, but there really isn't too much more to appreciate.

  • A Serious Man

    A Serious Man


    "When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies."

    Maybe the answers don't matter, man.

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  • Watchmen



    "Suddenly you discover humanity? Convenient."

    Ultimate Cut

    Is the human race ever beyond saving? In super hero cinema, we now have big baddies that can wipe out populations with the snap of their fingers, and we expect our heroes to save the day by the end of it - no matter what lengths they have to go to. It's all big, explosive, but very exciting - and maybe a bit unrealistic, or maybe Alan Moore would say so. I think…

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    "If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest I've ever been from home"

    Absolutely perfect. Blockbuster filmmaking at its finest.