Corpse Bride ★★★½

Though Burton is very hit or miss for me, revisiting Corpse Bride for the first time in a while was a pretty nice treat. The animation is very impressive and takes advantage of its muted color pallet to really give this movie as whole lot of life. The music is also really great, possibly being my favorite aspect of the film. Burton's knack for morbid comedy is very welcome here with some pretty neat visual gags, and eye-rolling, but weirdly charming puns that add to the film's charm. The voice acting is also incredible. If there's any major crutch to this movie, I'm kind of wanting more at the end. I know that this kind of filmmaking brings a whole lot of limitations, but I can't help but wonder how this movie would be if this movie was made in 2010 and Burton had a much bigger budget. Still though, pretty solid, and it goes by fairly quickly with it's short runtime.

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