Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

"Evil dies tonight"

I don't really see what exactly there is to like about Haloween Kills aside from it's gnarly kills and set pieces. Not to say it totally feels unnecessary, but it goes about its own plot and set ups in the most frustrating and lazy way. There's a good 20 minute segment I do genuinly enjoy, but my enjoyment is just smothered by frustrating and pointless plot threds and characters, and some of the most masterbatory and annoying metatext I've ever seen play out in a recent horror movie. Yes, I have seen John Carpenter's original 1979 film. Yes, I do know what Michael represents. And I'm pretty sure the sold out crowd I saw this movie with knew exactly what I did, too. Stop treating me like a dumb baby that's never even heard of Halloween and actually give me something that will actually scare me.

Not to mention, everything is just super on the nose and blunt everything. I know the last one wasn't exactly the most subtle, but at least I had ideas to chew on after it ended. Walking out of this one, it felt like I had been hit over the head with a baseball bat sketched with the words "social commentary" on it. The commentary alone is also just low hanging fruit and it says absolutely nothing interesting.

I know for sure this won't be like the last one where I'll turn around on it. I'm pretty sure if I saw this again it will annoy me even more. One of the most frustrating and annoying movies to come out this year.

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