No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★

"Do mosquitos have friends?"

An absolute feast of an action film that dives deep into Bond as he becomes even more complicated than he's ever been; afraid of both love, and death. Constantly unsure of what's worth fighting for anymore, and slowly losing his trust in everyone he knows. Almost in some sort of limbo, but then the past comes back and gives him more than enough reasons to fight... and kill.

Craig's final performance as Bond is bittersweet, but absolutely magnetic. It's really hard to believe he's been this character for fifteen years, and this is quite possibly the best send off possible for him. It is, hands down, his best outing as the character as well. Revamping that charm and energy that was absent in the previous film, and he just absolutely shines in almost every frame he's present. He IS James Bond, but he's so much more.

Fukanaga's take on the character and his world is also just incredibly fresh. If there are any Bond films that he clearly loves, it's On Her Majesty's Secret Service (and I feel like there's also a little bit of Moonraker in there , too). He gets the tone so effortlessly; a double edged sword of charming and somber. However, it feels at times like he wants to throw almost everything in there, especially a slight segment before the film's second half. It sort of glosses over an awkward beat that goes on for a bit and feels oddly cluttered.

However, the second half of this film may be one of my favorite back halves of any Bond movie ever. Once it reaches a certain point, it turns into an operatic spectacle that's a excellent celebration the character, a soulful farewell to the torch holder, and it paints an excellent portrait of the great cinematic mythos this character has. It's beautiful and bittersweet, but definitely going to be a definitive entry down the line.

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