Suspiria ★★★★★

"Love and manipulation - they tend to share the same house at times."

I feel like I've just been hypnotized...

Luca Guadaninio's Suspiria has proven to be polarizing. Along with re-imagining Dario Argento's cult film and Guadaninio's interesting decisions, I can see why. This... isn't a film for everyone; I can think of completely valid reasons why someone would down right despise this film. One of my dearest friend, Davey Peppers - - wonderfully explains his distaste for this film, and I can't blame him one bit. Though, for me - like I had said before - I felt like I had been hypnotized, and by the films closing moments was I finally free, but if I chose to, I would give myself to the dance that Suspiria presents. It is a slow, but relentless fever dream that I can't shake out head, and one I will cherish for years to come.

Suspiria is as enigmatic as it is slow and terrifying. The film offers a different, but challenging approach to the concept of the 77' original. Some certain decisions and plot points of the film I really absolutely loved, and everything leading to the climax of the film - looking back - leaves a lot to look out for I feel. There are many themes I want to read into, there are many scenes I want to dissect, and there are so many realms I want to delve into again despite the film shaking me to my core. Everything leads to a climax that is going to be burned into my mind for a long time - and it can stay there for all I care. I loved it!

I'm particularly surprised myself about my own reaction to the film. I have a number of friends who both loved and hated this film, and hearing about the self-indulgent nature of the film, I was cautious; I still haven't gotten the sour taste of my mouth from 2017's mother! which I found disgusting in how it indulged itself in a ways that felt disingenuous, but Susperia was the complete opposite to me. I don't mind self-indulgence as long as the audience is in on it, and while some people will probably clock out, I buckle up with Luca, and I take the nightmarish 2 and a half hours that this film takes you on.

Suspiria is a challenging film to me. It's filled with surprises, fever dream like sequences, discomfort, but deep down I felt the film had a genuine heart to it. It was during that moment I noticed its heart that the film flashed before my eyes again, and I fell under its spell. A cinematic dance that is destined to become a high favorite of mine.

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