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  • Doppelganger



    Yakusho is incredible at both playing up and obliterating the seams between the different Hayasakis. The experience of this film is exhilarating, like a story from a charismatic raconteur, and it seems like whenever Kurosawa senses his audience has settled into figuring out what the movie's going to do next or has a firm read on whatever's happening allegorically or metaphorically, he subverts it. A testament to his mastery that he employs techniques cultivated over the course of his late…

  • Peking Opera Blues

    Peking Opera Blues


    This is a perfect movie.

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  • Birth


    A story that probably didn't need to be told, but a host of pictures and sequences that absolutely had to be drawn.

  • Web Junkie

    Web Junkie

    I'm all for documentaries raising questions without offering answers, but I don't think the questions here are as thoroughly raised or contextualized to be fully worth asking as presented. There's fascinating material here, to be sure. But the questions that I found myself asking had less to do with Internet addiction, technology's place in contemporary life, social change in China, or intergenerational frction. Rather, I found myself questioning the methods of the filmmakers.