Ugetsu ★★★★

My Personal Criterion Task: Film 21/100
Criterion Spine: #309

Oh man, indigestion is killing me right now. It's been a thing I've been dealing with off and on all summer, to the point that I've nixed spicy things like jalapenos from my diet and have to keep Gaviscon around (which only works about half the time, but that's a higher success rate than anything else I've tried). Frankly, this has nothing to do with Ugetsu, but I did want y'all to know that if this review sucks, it's because I'm thinking a whole lot more about pain and belching than I am the 97 haunting minutes that passed by my eyes.

Ugetsu follows two men as they attempt to eke out a living in a poor village. Despite the protests of their wives, they decided to go to a city to peddle their homemade pottery--a decision that affects all of them when one chases a dream and the other chases a ghost.

Summaries for this film focus pretty heavily on the supernatural aspect, but there's a lot going on here. The early tensions are dictated by war and soldiers using small towns as their own personal snot rag. Then we have the two wives and how they're constantly ignored by their husbands. Throw in some delightfully ominous filming and things get tense long before ghosts show up.

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