Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

"hi! no, i really mean that - hi."

even though this isn't as tight or cohesive as scream (1996) i'm still a sucker for it. as randy says when he's describing the rules for sequels (to dewey who visibly doesn't give a shit) - more blood, more gore, carnage candy! everything's just a bit amped up here. sidney and gale have more attitude, the kills are definitely more frequent and more elaborate, the setpieces are bigger, laurie metcalf does some excellent big eye acting and i actually think the scares here are a bit more intense (although that might just be because i know the original in and out at this point). wes craven really was the master of meta-horror, and the self-aware meta-textual stuff here still really helps set this apart from other slashers.

one of the things i love most in these movies is courteney cox's performance as gale weathers. from the moment she first shows up in this one with her flip-phone and her chunky highlights you know she means business, and i appreciate that!

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