The Lost Boys

From the archives of "Men on Film" hosted by Blane Edwards and Antoine Merriweather:

Merriweather: Our next film is The Lost Boys starring that gorgeous creature that is Kiefer Sutherland who leads a group of young vampires roaming around California as they meet a young hunk of a man in Jason Patric. There are also those 2 gorgeous young little boys both named Corey who unfortunately are afraid of vampires as they just don't want to good things to happen.

Edwards: Oh I know what you mean. Even as they had to saddle Patric with that fish. This should be a movie about men having strong relationships with one another. Not some ugly-ass salmon trying to ruin it all. I also didn't like who was revealed to be the head vampire.

Merriweather: I agree. They got some old dude when we all know who should've been that head vampire. That strong, oily, muscular, chisled, and gorgeous man playing that saxophone. He was the star of the film as he was gyrating those hips and swinging that ponytail of his and playing that saxophone all big and loud.

Edwards: (high-pitched orgasm) Oh my goodness, I just sprang a leak. That oily sax player is what Patric should've really been staring as he, Kiefer, and the Coreys all should've gone after that hunk of a man and grease him up. We have to give that man 2 snaps and a gyrating hip swing!

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