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  • The City and the Dogs

    The City and the Dogs


    When talking about Peruvian cinema you need to understand the context of the country to understand the low production quality behind the films (especially the ones before the 2000's). There was no money at the time for artists and there were high levels of corruption and chaos in the country. All this being said, the high grain in the film almost even looks as a desition taken by director Francisco Lombardi to show the disgusting nature of military schools.


  • Caché



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Thank you Eli Hayes for this idea.

    I've seen this film three times already and it's not only my favorites from Michael Haneke (quite possibly my favorite director) but also from all time, and there's a good reason for that; it reminds me about everything, what I want to remember and what I want to forget. This review is both about the film and about how I relate so much to it. Spoilers, heavy, heavy spoilers.

    I've always been…