No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★½

The D Day has arrived finally got to watch the last Daniel Craig Bond film 🥺🥺

To review No Time To Die in a line would be It's better than Spectre not as good as Skyfall can never achieve Casino Royale's range.

It has it's goods it has it's flaws depends on the person how he likes to take it.
Cinematography and Action sequences:-
The Cinematography is spectacular it's criminal to watch a movie like this in a Laptop even bigger crime if you watch it in a mobile ( you should be escorted to jail immediately). Crowd pleasing Action sequences those amazing chases the first one with Ashton Martin or the one in the Forrest were exactly what you expect from a James Bond film soo good.

The Score:- Common we can't judge a person like Zimmer he is the Greatest working rn. But I can say it's not one his Greatest works but it's not like he couldn't deliver he did deliver but he might've been more concentrated on Dune than No Time To Die from what I heard of the OST Dune is going to be a Zimmer epic though he gave some amazing beats over the years Interstellar was his last God Tier OST and I have hopes that Dune could top that. To sum it up the score was good but not the best. Talking about score how can I not mention Billie Elish's No Time To Die seriously to me Skyfall was the peak Bond song when I heard Skyfall I never thought anything could top that but over listening to No Time To Die song for more than a thousand of times easily ( I'm not joking these days whenever I get an assignment I just put the song on loop for hours and complete it) over the couple of years I can say that No Time To Die just be the best Bond song.

The Characters :- It's great to see the old characters back and the Vesper Lynd references made me emotional, Bond being Bond couldn't trust anyone having the supporting cast so good that he could trust them is just amazing. They could've shown at least a old snippet of Judy Dench as M missed her a lot in this one.
Ana De Armas idk who to blame but having an actress like her with amazing character that she totally fits and deliveres astonishingly and yet give her a less screentime. If I were a part of writers or at least a part of crew the first thing I would've done is increase Ana's character. She was innocent, sexy, fierce all at the same time.
Rami Malek maybe this might be an unpopular opinion but according to me Rami Malek is way underutilized to his Calibre. The Character wasn't given that much of depth that required for an actor like Rami to pull it off. Instead of Rami Malek they could've gone to anyone anyone could do a character like that. Whatever Rami did was great but could've been a lot more better to deliver a performance like Mads Mikkelsen or Javier Bardem, just think of Christopher Walts from Spectre but teenybit better.

The Runtime :- Obviously for a 2hr 43 min movie it surely takes it time to adjust for an average tik tok/reels user who has an attention span of 30 secs this will be a tough watch (hope you guys aren't one of those kind). It takes it's time and delivers a great movie without a second thought. Although some might say the second half is a bit slow and felt like a drag I agree but as the film ended the thought on the mind was that's it ended I was expecting more a 10 15 mins more maybe.

There's no Doubt in saying that No Time To Die is a complete Daniel Craig show they made it that way to give the man the best farewell that he could get. The dedication he had for playing the role couldn't be described some might say he did it for the money even for the money he gave the best anyone could ever give to the Character James Bond. I haven't seen any other Bond's other than Daniel Craig it has been that way since my childhood I don't even know how many times I've seen Casino Royale it's one of my all time Favourites without a doubt even though the new movies were out I didn't watch em knowing that it could never top Casino Royale which is true Daniel Craig Eva Green Judy Dench Mads Mikkelsen amazing cast delivering thier best and the screenplay it had is just amazing I can imagine the whole movie in my mind from scene to scene, it's safe to say that Daniel Craig is the best Bond I've ever seen and I'll ever see, I don't think no one could ever top what Daniel Craig did.

James Bond :- This is gonna go brilliantly
Paloma ( Ana De Armas) :- I know I did three weeks training

So did I 🤝🏻 had to revisit the Craig Bond films and watch the ones I didn't watch, had to watch all the movies and shorts that Cary Joji Fukunaga made (didn't get the time to checkout True Detective and Maniac). This is a shoutout to Cary Joji Fukunaga, he is an incredible talent I'm hundred percent sure that this guy is gonna create wonders in the future. I'll be forever excited if any of his new movie comes out. He has made 3 features
Jane Eyre, Sin Nombre and Beasts of No Nation 3 are amazing as hell near to Masterpieces. I'm really happy that people like him are recognised and given control for making big budget films, same happened with Destin Daniel Cretton for Shang Chi he too has amazing filmography. If it wasn't for big movies like these I would've neglected these movies as I did all these years.

Daniel Craig as James Bond:-
1) Casino Royale
2) Skyfall
3) No Time To Die
4) Spectre
5) Quantum of Solace ( if this gets any higher in your list then we can never be friends)

We'll miss you Daniel as James Bond 🥺

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