The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

Surreal!!! Had a complete satisfaction of watching the most anticipated movie of the year. Gets easily into my all time favourites. Joachim Trier’s grand character study is about the messiness and complexity of life. Anchored by Renate and Anders performances, they exceeded everything I expected and more. Julie a 30-year-old Oslo native who’s still trying to find her purpose in life. Told in 12 chapters we see her as she juggles confusion and uncertainty in her relationships, family bonds and her professional career, she realizes it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey. The film captures our tendency to compare ourselves with each other, falling in and out of love, incompatibility, death and emotions. It shows how on a biological level we are all blinded by our emotions, brilliantly captured in a scene where Julie falls in love, and how to her it feels like time has stopped and she feels complete in the moment. But in reality there would be disappointments afterwards which we don’t realize in our brief moment of happiness. Our perception of life keeps changing depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in but in the end we are all on our own journey, moving at our own place. Then there’s a great portion about memory, which explains how life keeps moving on but how hold on to our memories.

The structure is loose and ambitious, that feels like I’ve witnessed an entire life in all its messiness. Even with the loose, everything blends and firs perfectly, showing how confident Joachim became as a filmmaker. Forget the dispatch and spiderman, this is the movie you should see :)

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