Lamb ★★★★

Wtf this movie is actually good. Why everyone gotta be so mean?

It always fascinates me to watch movies from unfamiliar countries, and this time it's Iceland with a psychological horror named Lamb.
I'm not a horror fan and I didn't watch this movie with expectation of a conventional horror story, so maybe that worked for me.
What people don't like about Lamb is ironically what I immensely like: slow pace, limited narrative, little amount of graphically scary images, and surrealistic weirdness. The best thing is that the film satisfies my appetite for visual beauty with its numerous breathtaking shots of Icelandic misty landscapes. Lamb brings so much of my thing to the table that I couldn't care less about its flaws. What an enjoyable viewing!

P/s: I found out that Bela Tarr is the executive producer and also the director's mentor, no wonder why the style looks similar!!!

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