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  • Joker



    loved it

  • The King

    The King


    when actors are given bad material, it reflects back on screen

    love timothée & rob tho!

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  • Red Sparrow

    Red Sparrow


    Let me start off by saying that this review is MY OPINION. You’re free to disagree, hate it, whatever.

    I’m not here to slander the film for its sexual content or its violence. That’s not my issue here. I very much enjoyed the entire run. I just felt like Red Sparrow lacked something. Either that or it was rushed. Having read the books, I know all that was set to go down. However, if viewers are totally confused throughout the…

  • mother!



    Creepy, TWISTED, confusing, funny (at times), DARK. This isn't your typical thriller. No, mother! will make you question life. We see it in Jennifer Lawrence's character's perspective. The camera is always on her, a technique I found myself loving. I love that everyone ultimately exits the theater with different opinions/emotions. There's not a single answer to it, it's up to you to construct a message that you took from it. You will feel anger as well as other things. Darren…