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  • The Clock

    The Clock


    Saw all 24 hours. The whole thing was just sublime, and I've only got some musings and observations:

    • These characters do so many things with clocks. They start the clocks. They stop the clocks. They enter the clocks. They climb the clocks. They pull the clocks out of corpses. They kill using the clocks. They kill the clocks. They embrace the clocks. I was geniunely curious if someone would pull an American Pie with a clock.
    • I knew…

  • Wavelength



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  • The Visitor

    The Visitor

    I'm still not entirely clear on what happened, but whatever did happen, it happened really a lot. There's something fascinating about the way it aligns a very domestic thriller with excessive, fantastical mysticism. Everything gets wrung through overbearing sound cues and the most insane editing.

    At one point, the little girl looks Shelley Winters dead in the eye and ominously announces, "I'm a Capricorn." It really is the most reasonable explanation for the whole thing.

  • Shakma



    The murderous rampaging baboon had better vibes than every person in this.

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