365 Days

365 Days ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.


~The movie makes bolder choices than Fifty Shades in the sex segments. I don't know for sure that this is a positive because there are specific websites to visit where the job can be done more effectively. Also, Anna Maria Sieklucka is hot.
~Yeah I admit it, I laughed two or three times.

~The premise of this movie is problematic. I mean, how on earth rape, kidnapping and assault could be considered something normal? They are fucking CRIMEEEES and is offensive to glorify them. And no, if someone is rich and successful  doesn't make it justifiable. In addition, the protagonist constantly repeats that he won't have sex with his love interest without her consent. However, until the moment they have sex, he grabs her boobies, chokes her and forces her to watch him have a blowjob from another woman. Wtf?
~The plot is....nonexistent. The film want us to know about the successful professional carreer of Laura or her heart problem but these things never lead somewhere. The whole subplot with the mafia is out of place. The only reason it exists is to give us a shocking ending that obviously never pays off because you don't care for the characters.
~The direction is laughable and the editing choices are horrible. The intercuts between the two protagonists showing their professional life are so fast and weird. Furthermore, the creators maybe forgot that this is a film and not a video clip to play a catchy song every five minutes (or less).
~There are many club and yacht sequences but the most repetitive are the shopping montages. We get it, you like to dress well, can we move on? In addition, there are some weird editing in the sex scenes and there is an obssession from the side of filmmakers with shooting scenes that include blowjob.
~The dialogue is terrible and makes you cringe. The phrase ''are you lost baby girl'' is repeated all the time and makes you vomit. Other historic lines are the ''who the fuck you are?'', the one that is mentioned in the title of the review and something about potatoes (anyway, I don't remember).

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