Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★½

Sloppily directed, edited, and written, Don't Look Up isn't sure if it's satire, horror, or a PSA, and ends up falling short on an all too important premise.

48% ☄️ ☄️

The performances are solid, but because we don't care about a single character in this film, we don't care about what drives it forward. It writes itself into a corner with its mining the astroid bit and ends up coming off as more pessimism for pessimism's sake, less making an argument or pointed critique of society. Simultaneously trying to be Veep and Apollo 13, this just comes off as something directed by someone with too many resources, too distracted a set, and not enough teeth in the editing room.

It's a mess. Just look at that final scene and ask yourself what each character is doing at the table and why on earth they would actually be there. Jonah Hill is the only one who knows what film he's meant to be in.

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