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  • The Sessions

    The Sessions


    Watched on a whim, but was shocked just how funny and charming it was. Very much in the same vein as Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, which I also loved.

    The lead actor gives a very Dustin Hoffman-esque performance, and his chemistry with William H. Macy really made the film.

    There isn't a whole lot to it, but everything it does it does well. I'm almost positive I will reduce the score to an 8/10 later, but what the hell, for now it's a 9.

  • Coffee and Cigarettes

    Coffee and Cigarettes


    It's insane how Jarmusch consistebtly holds your attention while absolutely nothing happens. Every single one of these shorts has a ridiculous amount of character and heart, even the weaker ones.

    This film was like Smash Bros, such an obscure crossover of stars I never would've expected to see in the same film, mostly musicians (The Whites are not great actors, but I'll forgive them because they put out Elephant this same year). My personal favourite shorts were the Steve Coogan…

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  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    Holy hell this is best thing ever made. It's like Friday the 13th meets Robocop meets Paul Blart: Mall Cop in the campiest 80s horror style possible.

    Perhaps the greatest trope of bad 80s horror is the wildly inconsistent villain in this case a robot that can fire lasers strong enough to blow up a person's head yet sometimes only leaves a slight graze. They can also sometimes fire with pinpoint precision, unless there are three guys stood perfectly still…

  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    I actually think there could be a perfect film within this film, its full of amazing characters, amazing scenes and amazing performances all around, but at 3 hours it's needlessly bloated, with a good bit of fat that could be trimmed. Still, didn't disappoint, especially with about the first 90 minutes and the last 20.