The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★½

‘Don’t be using your head now!’

i think that’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing if you wanna watch this film. Don’t think too much, just let it happen.
Now how does one screw a mermaid? Robert seems to know. ‘Care to share your knowledge lad?’

The Lighthouse reminds me a lot of Portrait of a Lady on Fire. So lets put them side to side shall we.

What do The Lighthouse and Portrait of a Lady on Fire have in common:
• Two (supposedly) gay characters, who live and work together because of some job arrangement.
• Impeccable cinematography (all though POALOF is still better)
• Seagulls

Now what does The Lighthouse have that POALOF doesn’t:
• A mermaid
• Great sound mixing
• A dead seagull
• Willem Dafoe(!)

And what does Portrait of a Lady on Fire have that The Lighthouse doesn’t:
• My five star rating

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