Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

If you love the first two movies and are not tired of the formula, you will probably also enjoy “Before Midnight”. It takes place 9 years after “Before Sunset” and follows Jesse and Celine as they are on a vacation in Greece with their two daughters. It is more mature and realistic and less fairytale-like than its predecessors. The main message of the film is that even true love requires a lot of hard work. Other themes include family, midlife crisis, gender, age, sex, regret, responsibilities, and compromises.

“Before Midnight” has all the strengths of the previous films: Ethan Hawke´s and Julie Delpy´s performances and chemistry are fantastic, the setting is beautiful, the dialogs are natural, relatable, and engaging, and both direction and camerawork are masterful.

The ”Before”-trilogy is the greatest romantic trilogy I know and “Before Midnight” is a fitting and bittersweet finale.

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