Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★

As a guy in his mid-20s, who also still struggles a bit with adulthood, I found several situations of this film real and relatable. I also liked Greta Gerwig´s awkward, quirky, and adorable (though sometimes also annoying) character, the black and white cinematography, and the believable dialogue. Especially lines like “I'm so embarassed. I'm not a real person yet.” or “I didn’t think so. I’m just proud of myself for asking.” hit close to home. Still, I can´t say that the film connected with me as much as with so many other people.

“Frances Ha” has no “real” plot, it only shows several more or less connected events in Frances´s life that all basically tell you the same thing: Frances is immature and can´t handle adult responsibilities. This becomes quickly repetitive and boring and the film lost my interest, except, like I said, some lines of dialogue here and there that resonated with me.

I enjoyed the charm, authenticity, and optimism of “Frances Ha” and I can see why it is a comfort film for so many people but it didn´t have a lasting impact on me. I forgot most of the movie soon after watching it.

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