Hereditary ★★★★

Well, this is certainly a horror movie that deserves that name.
“Hereditary” starts slowly, but after “that one scene”, which basically starts the story (and which left me speechless), the movie becomes more and more intense, cumulating in an absolutely terrifying finale.
From a technical standpoint, there is nothing to criticize. Cinematography, lighting, editing and sound design are top notch and all add to the terrifying atmosphere. But the real stars of the movie are the actors. Toni Collette definitely deserves an Oscar nomination, but also the other actors deliver great performances, especially Alex Wolff. Such great acting is rare in the horror genre. The several horror aspects (ghosts, cults, etc.) are not new or innovative, but nevertheless, the director Ari Aster succeeds in creating several scenes that will haunt me for a long time, which is my main criterion for a great horror movie.
I really got everything I wanted from this movie. I highly recommend it to every fan of the horror genre.

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