Suspiria ★★★★

“Suspiria” (2018) is an arthouse horror film that definitely isn´t for everyone but I was positively surprised. I love how the film pays homage to the original while also doing its own thing. In my opinion, both films are very different but equally good.

I miss the vivid colors and lighting, mystery aspect (in the new movie, we know from the beginning that witches are involved), and Goblin score of Dario Argento´s “Suspiria” (1977), but on the other hand, the remake is even more disturbing, has better effects, better acting, and it makes better use of the setting. I especially love that the dancing is now an integral part of the magic and not just a cover-up. The dancing choreographies are mesmerizing and breathtaking and the magical effects of the dancing (Olga scene) are unforgettably horrible and terrifying. I also like that the characters, unlike in the original, actually speak German quite often. Ok, most of the time with a heavy accent, but that´s better than nothing. Especially hearing Chloë Grace Moretz say: „Sie werden mich schlachten und meine Fotze vom Teller fressen.“ was a cinematic highlight I didn´t expect.

Even if you don´t like the plot of the film, you have to admit that it is masterfully crafted. “Suspiria” has stunning cinematography, brilliant editing, fantastic costume and set design, and an amazing score. I also love the creepy, unsettling, and surreal atmosphere and the completely insane last act. Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth deliver strong performances, but the standout is clearly Tilda Swindon in her triple role.

Nevertheless, “Suspiria” is not a perfect film. It is too long, has a weird pacing and story structure, feels sometimes a bit pretentious, and it tries to explore too many themes without doing them all justice. Especially the political subplot feels unnecessary. Either develop it further and connect it better with the main plot or leave it out completely.

Still, in my opinion, “Suspiria” is one of the best horror films of the decade. It takes risks and is original (although it is a remake), immersive, and both scary and aesthetically pleasing.

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