The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★

“The Florida Project” was a very satisfying cinematic experience for me, because it did something that I love so much about movies: It put myself in the shoes of a character, whose life is completely different from my own and showed me the world from their perspective. In this case, the character is the six-years-old girl Moonee, who lives with her young, poor single mother in a motel near Disney World. The film shows several episodes of their daily life and the whole story is shown through Moonee´s eyes. I was completely immersed into her world.
“The Florida Project” has beautiful cinematography and colors, great acting performances from both the kids and adults, and important social commentary. The film is heartbreaking and thought-provoking. The characters can be quite “difficult” sometimes and the behavior of both mother and daughter is often highly questionable, but this is part of the fascination. I also understand that the episodic approach is part of the concept and makes sense, but still, I would have liked a more coherent and clearer story. Nevertheless, I can highly recommend “The Florida Project”. It is an interesting and empathetic look into the lives of an often-overlooked demographic of society.

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