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I love every frame of this film. How could I not give it 5 stars? Not only is “The Grand Budapest Hotel” the pinnacle of Wes Anderson´s unique art style, making it one of the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing movies ever made, it´s also incredibly funny, charming, witty, engaging, and heartwarming. It´s pure happiness directly injected into my veins.

The dialogue is just as well crafted as the beautiful mise en scène, and Ralph Fiennes delivers one of my favorite comedic performances of the last decade as the wonderfully flamboyant concierge Monsieur Gustav. His charisma and line delivery are phenomenal and his dynamic with Tony Revolori´s Zero is both hilarious and endearing. Their relationship is the heart of the movie, but the rest of the big ensemble cast delivers memorable performances, as well.

This rewatch showed me once again that Wes Anderson is a master of comedic timing. No matter if it’s the dialogue, camera movements, or cuts, the timing is always pitch-perfect to elicit the maximum comedic effect. And the visual comedy works perfectly together with the dialogue/character-driven comedy.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” never tries to be more than a fun, pretty, and engrossing escapist comfort film, but my god, does it succeed at that. It´s full of heart, humor, beauty, and emotional weight, and it makes me smile from beginning to end. I can´t wait to return to the quirky, cozy, and whimsical world of this movie.

I also need to see “The French Dispatch” ASAP. I require my dose of new Wes Anderson escapism.

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