Captain Marvel ★★★★★

-The scene outside Maria’s house with Carol, Maria, and Talos releasing their emotions and fears is so raw and real. The hand held camera moving into close ups and the focus wavering slightly, the sun setting with hues of orange behind them and lighting them, the tall plants and trees lining the street and filling the field behind them with different shades of green, the cicadas buzzing in the background, the score building, the emotions bursting out of the characters. It’s something I’ve never seen from this franchise that I love so much.

-In the beginning scenes of Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) training Carol, when he says humor holds her back or something like that, she smiles and laughs real quick before being pushed down again. Even in the emotionally restricted state she’s in, she still holds onto some ability to laugh at absurdity. (semi-related: I’ve been seeing Haters™ say Brie is inexpressive and i’m like where??? she makes cute faces in every shot she’s in and does these really subtle movements that convey so much inner thought with just like a slight twitch of a muscle)

-fanboys that complain about nick fury in this and luke skywalker in tlj really don’t want their favorite characters to be real layered and complex human beings, do they

-As soon as this comes out on DVD, I really want to take notes on some things because there’s a theme relating to abuse strung through this that may not be deliberate but that I’ve seen others lightly touch on, and I personally see it present even in little lines and details. It’s more of a personal observation because I see some personal experiences reflected here but I want to pick up on every little detail and write a long thing about it.

-how do i get ben mendelsohn to hold me like he holds his green alien wife

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