Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

There are spoilers here so watch the film before reading. In fact don't read anything about this film before watching it.

What happens when a girl becomes an inspiration for a children's book hero? An inspiration which is a little bit better than she is. A dream image of her own life? Well she might become a cake version of that fake version. That's my take of this film. The roots are in her childhood.

I wonder if this could be taken a little farther. And here I'm just reading INTO the film. The American dream is a little bit better than the original (some would say much better). What does that do to the nation? Do we find the answer in the media frenzy where truth does not matter anymore. The darling today is the devil tomorrow and vice versa. Is this film maybe a take on a nation that has become a fake version of a fake fairy tale?

Yes fairy tale. There might even be some hints in the film, and one of the best ones is the fairy tale narration. It sounds so innocent, but is full of so much hatred. Another one is the pre-love history. It looks so beautiful but there is something off there. Something wrong.

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