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This review may contain spoilers.

I just saw Holy Motors for the 2nd time and it just made the film more interesting. Here are some of the questions I came away with after seeing it again:

Is this a sci fi film? Film making in the future? Are we watching "reality" TV or YouTube clips in a future society? Just scenes without any context. Is that where films might be heading?

Do we ever meet the real actor in the film? When we first see him he is older than when we see him later and he has hair. Is he playing a part then? And is his conversation on the phone in the beginning part of that role? And if so, is that the first appointment or just leftovers of the one he had the night before?

He is told that he has 9 appointments. I counted them when I watched the film again and they are 10 (11 if we count the person we meet at the beginning):
Old beggar lady
CGI scene
Beauty and the Beast
Father and daughter
Intermission: Playing the accordion
Killing with a knife
Killing the banker
Old uncle dying
Meeting an old friend/actress/lover
Monkey family

So that leaves the question, which one of these are not appointments. Where some of these not planed and was this real? There are three possibilities (because the other times we see him looking at the script): Father and daughter, killing the banker and meeting the actress. Still all of those scenes suggest that they are appointments. He stands up after being killed when he kills the banker. The actress starts to sing and she says that she is playing the last night of this character and the car he drives in the father daughter scene is just perfectly placed in the film. Do we really believe that the limousine broke down exactly where his car was?

So we really don't know which of these where real life. And if they are all acts/appointments, why do one extra?

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