A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

"Don't fall asleep."

I don't think I've seen this since I was a kid, I forgot how cerebral it is. A Nightmare on Elm Street is more imaginative in concept than most of its' relatives in the slasher genre, and it warps the genre's common tropes in creative ways. Wes Craven's villain is easily more complex than Leatherface, Myers, and Voorhees put together, in large thanks to Robert Englund for his unnerving performance, and to the makeup and effects crews. Some of the dialogue highlights the film's age, but the overall narrative is very strong, advanced by centering on Heather Langenkamp's Nancy as an actual protagonist rather than just a scream queen. My only real issue is that the ending feels a little cheap given the buildup of the final act. It shares elements more conforming to other slashers of the time and wreaks of studio meddling. But if that means a whole slew of sequels, I can forgive it this time.

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