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  • Force Majeure

    Force Majeure


    loved the camera work
    loved the location
    it was easy to be reeled in naturally to everything playing out onscreen. the dialogue was authentic and the character's reactions were believable given the circumstances they faced. this didn't feel scripted at all which is so insane and watching a grown man break down in tears as a result of falling victim to his own instincts was absolutely heartbreaking. ultimately this film raises great questions in regard to human instincts, survival, and the role gender may or may not play in that.

    overall, what a film!!

  • The Diary of a Teenage Girl

    The Diary of a Teenage Girl


    "I feel so awkward and ugly and naive and lonely"

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  • Whiplash



    "There are no two words in the English Language more harmful than 'good job'"

    the question "whiplash" raised for me is 'what is a healthy boundary when it comes to going after something you want?"

    is passion wanting it so badly that you would put your entire life on the line?

    that you would bleed for it?

    that you'd view anyone that can connect with you as an obstacle, so in order to not risk them pulling you from your craft you cut ties

    is this the epitome of true passion?

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    wow wow wow i'm shook! This film was absolutely perfect. Words aren't enough for me to express how much love i have for this movie!

    it was relatable,
    a fun watch,

    and now one of my favorite movies of all time!
    you go Bo Burnham

    Thoughts while watching it:
    - i'm glad middle school is over for me...
    - ok, eighth grade me can relate to that lol, yikes~
    - why are kids so mean?
    - oh my…