Old ★★½

Old is another example of great ideas, horrible execution. It wants to be terrifying and it should've been terrifying but it's ludicrously silly and yet so endlessly fun. For a film that brands itself as thriller/suspense, there's barely any thrills and suspense. There are moments here that I've laughed so hard. M. Night just had to add on his infamous twist endings. Dude just couldn't help himself, couldn't he? I'm sure the acting style is intentional (at least I hope it is); it's really awful. It does help that the dialogue is robotic and stiff which makes it even more unintentionally funny. Some of the filmmaking is pretty weird too (again, let's hope that's intentional as well). Like, it's given me The Happening vibes. However, at least here, I understood what M. Night was trying to do. Honestly, I can't hate on this. It's quite ambitious. You have characters suffering from rapid aging (which is the main topic), cancer, memory loss, pregnancy, seizures, and every other thing that comes with getting old. The potential was there. It's a shame that it never lands.

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