The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

Rebecca Hall is always great but in this movie, she delivers her best performance of her entire career as a woman who lost her husband and goes through a warped, sorrowful journey of unwrapping his life crumb from crumb. Just being alone in a dark forest where ghosts chase you to the point of no return. I thought it was going to be a been there, done that horror film. Yet, it's one of the biggest surprises of the year and it's a horror movie that's so close to being brilliant.

Hall's outstanding performance isn't the only thing that carries this film by the shoulders; it's also Bruckner's excellent direction, spectacular imagery, impressive visuals, and potent sound design that brings in a chilling and petrifying atmosphere with tension and suspense. The jumpscares are effective and never once they feel cheap. What's clever about this is the way Bruckner uses frames and balanced proportions. They add on extra layers to the film. This type of horror flick has been seen time and time again (whether it's good, in the middle, or bad). However, in The Night House, it strengthens and flatters the themes in the movie very well.

I'm not too sure about that ending though. The idea is there but the execution isn't that great. It'll probably grow on eventually. Also, certain subplots come and go. Regardless, it's a good ass watch. A less showy, more intelligent psychological horror drama thriller that works in it's favor. A gripping ride for start to finish.

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