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  • Lifeboat



    Crackers don’t do nothing bout nothing till they get the boot up their ass, and even then you can’t count on half of em to get the fuckin’ hint.

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  • Sólo con tu pareja

    Sólo con tu pareja


    The thing I like about Cuaron is how grounded his films are. Prisoner of Azkaban has the most naturalistic acting of any of the HP films, Children of Men makes what seems like a biblically over-the-top apocalypse story into a brutal, humanist experience, and Y Tu Mamá También is, I think, one of the most important films for any teenage boy to watch, based solely on how he discusses sexuality. This, however, feels to me like a well-shot, foreign language version of a shitty SNL-alumni comedy. And I’m quite peeved about it.

  • Mank



    After this, I no longer wish to hear The Irishman referred to as an old man movie by anyone. Fincher has officially become a robot who has perfected the craft of taking soulless scripts and making them speckless. Perhaps that's a bit harsh, after all I've enjoyed all of his work until now save for Benjamin Button, but I am truly sick of these pseudo-intellectuals pretending he's anything more than a modern day Howard Hawks. The true artistic value of…