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This review may contain spoilers.

Joe Biden would have said,” Here’s the deal folks, does anyone know what this clown of a movie is talking about?”

I was looking forward to Nolan showing us a film that goes beyond time travel clichés. Instead, he made use of almost all the clichés a time bending film could jam in one film AND added the lamest dialogues while at it. 

Yes, he did give us a new fancy marketing term, “time reversal” and some cool snazzy scenes of reversed fighting. But to have your audience confused for so long that they give up understanding altogether is a failure in story-telling - arguably the one most important part of a film.

The characters were weak, they had no growth whatsoever (aside from R Pat), and their motivations so enigmatic that one finds it hard to root for anybody. Why was the main character so quick to accept this new mission of his? Why was ANYONE risking their lives without question? Why didn’t Debicki just throw that art piece into the ocean when she saw it on her plate? 

I could see that it came full circle in the end (or the beginning *eye roll*) but the only emotion I had was for R Pat, not even the end of the world had me worried there, but someone save this man!!

Also, arms dealer woman Priya, you should have better security ma’am.

Lamest lines that were trying too hard:
“There are no friends at dawn”
“I’m the protagonist”
“Don’t try to understand it”

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