Escape from L.A.

Escape from L.A.

John Carpenter — Ranked

"Welcome to the human race."

A rehash of Escape from New York, which is only slightly better than this, but the sequel is a dull and visually gross-looking movie that is a low point for John Carpenter.

Bad visual effects. Pam Grier looking awful and sounding even worse. Weird hang-gliding for some reason. Surfing through the city. Steve Buscemi in a silly role even for him. Peter Fonda being totally unnecessary. An atrocious basketball-to-the-death scene. A script that offers nothing new or improves upon anything from the original and featuring an ending that's almost the exact same.

Just an unenjoyable mess. I'm not even a fan of Snake Plissken as a character as some are. I find his badass-ness totally manufactured and find nothing to hold on to from Kurt Russell's performances whatsoever. To me, he's a half-baked action hero who is a victim of poor writing.

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