Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★

I appreciate the deep emotional resonance this has for so many people - I even witnessed it with my own two eyes; the young lady two rows ahead and three seats to the right was sobbing so hard at the end that she needed two friends to help support her as she walked out - while being totally at a loss to comprehend what in God's name could possibly be causing it. The whole thing struck me as too overdetermined and cloying for me to come even a little close to feeling anything other than boredom and annoyance. A feeling not helped at all by how intensely I hated the jokes - this is as close as it gets to the exact opposite of my sense of humor, and it makes for a deadly 140 minutes. The raccoon bit made me want to die; the hot dog fingers made me want to put off dying until I found the Daniels, so I could take them down with me.

Two stars for generally terrific acting - I'll be rooting for Michelle Yeoh to get tons of awards right along with the rest of you - and because I imagine it must have been just a hell of a lot of work editing and doing the sound design.

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