The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★★

On the subject of manipulating the timeline, it's too bad we can't figure out a way for this to have come out before last year's much superior version of the same hook, Palm Springs. But there's enough here that works, even if the YA-ness of it gets pretty treacly by the end, and the shrill-voiced soulful white dude indie rock soundtrack gets pretty treacly a long time before that. There are some fun, well-choreographed long takes, only slightly marred by the fuzzy soft lighting of the undersaturated cinematography, and Kirk Allen and Kathryn Newton are very charming together and apart, and they even manage to sell some pretty rocky contrivances in what their characters do and how they make leaps of logic. Not really at all special, but harmless. Ironically, I suspect I'll have forgotten I watched it by the time I wake up tomorrow.

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