Us ★★★★½

What a surprise... After my quite disappointing first rewatch US could just stay at the 4/5 and that's why I expected at least a 3.5/5 now. Uhm... yeah, just take a look at the top of your screen.
The cinematography is great, especially the close ups are an eyecatcher here. Also I loved the editing which is best during the last act of the movie.
The score and the soundtrack are awesome and are definitely fitting to the movie, it's topic and the whole atmosphere.
This time I didn't mind the comedic parts of the movie as much as on my last watch and that really surprised me.
Lupita Nyongo, Winston Duke and Shahadi Wright are the highlights when it comes to acting, especially Wright delivers a mindblowing performance. And no, I didn't forget about the great performance Nyongo gives, but I think Wright is definitely worth a mention!
I think US is a movie that grows on you, I really think I could rate it even higher on my next watch and I'm really looking forward to that one!!


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