The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★

“Desire and fear.”

Some stray observations as I can’t write about this coherently in any way:

—the attacks on tech people, nerds, and gamers was very refreshing after a barrage of recent films that have done nothing but pander and placate franchise fanbases 

—thought it was hilarious that Trinity’s husband was named “Chad” until I found out later it was Chad Stahelski, but I’m glad Keanu (I’m assuming) brought him on board for this series 

—Nu Smith and Nu Morpheus were both fine, but neither is going to completely measure up to the originals, which is ok 

—I think most people are right about the action being too close quartered and confusing; the train sequence felt like it was trying to mimic Train To Busan, but not as successful. The motorcycle stuff was the only thing that really worked for me. 

—NPH can pull out really good work when he has to, and it’s always fun to watch him die or nearly die, something more filmmakers should have him do as frequently as possible 

—does this movie end on a ska cover 

—The Skatrix

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