The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

Tobe Hooper apparently spent a lifetime absorbing outsiders' opinions on what Texas must be like, so he decided to rub their faces in every single stereotype about Texans he could muster (except for that "Texans listen to The Cramps" part which mostly isn't true.) Everyone wears a cowboy hat, everyone is loud and obnoxious, and everyone is constantly spouting Texas-isms like "Remember The Alamo" and "Hook 'em, Horns". Dennis Hopper even invokes "Brazos" as some kind of interjection that could mean either "bravo" or "fuck yeah".

While this is an interesting rehash/parody of the first film, it could have been even more interesting, especially in the middle third, where the story kind of spins its wheels while Hopper just runs around an amusement park chainsawing things. I was really on board with Stretch early on, thinking that she would be the badass female lead this franchise needs, but was disheartened when she mostly just ran around screaming for 45 minutes.

It's nice to see Dennis Hopper use his crazy for the side of good for once, though.

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