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  • Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven

    Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven


    What could I possibly say? Gypsies are found near heaven is the second feature of Emil Loteanu that I have had the pleasure of viewing (thanks to a talented reviewer named Faeze).

    This melodrama presents itself all lively, but peel one layer off and you’ll find yourself a bitter filling. It occasionally rocks back and forth between being a western and not being a western, and I found that to be pleasantly surprising. A man and a horse, no man…

  • The Silences of the Palace

    The Silences of the Palace


    On a table, a pot of tea is placed. It brings back the sound and the images. A touch of a leaf. A scruffy photo taken too sudden and therefore a smile too sad. She sighs as if she breathes. I see narrow steps of stairs and fruity food on plates. Damps of tea escape the prison of its cup. They see the death and the life of someone once known. Four women sit on a couch, each translating their…

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  • Eternity and a Day

    Eternity and a Day


    (...And I was inspired by a flawless film yet again. So, I wrote this short thingy...)


    Sunny Finley had never felt as strange as the day she woke up and grasped she was going to die. It was a Monday, blue as ever, and her uncombed hair looked heavier than it actually was, or so she thought when she visited the mirror. Suddenly she knew.

    ‘I have but three days to live,’ she whispered to her reflection, at which…

  • Landscape in the Mist

    Landscape in the Mist


    A profound pursuit fueled with an inked dream but roadblocked by our foggy reality. It took me two viewings in one day to acknowledge what I had seen. This. This is mesmerizing. Rest assured that for me, no film will top this in 2021. After my initial watch, I was quite overwhelmed. Thoughts flowed, displaying trains and letters, snow and mist. Lurid thoughts that would not leave, unless I watched it again. So I did. It inexplicably was even better…