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  • The Crime of the Century

    The Crime of the Century


    4 hours of the opioid crisis in America is not recommended if you’re trying to stay positive or optimistic. Did Alex Gibney really need 236 minutes to wallow in this? His Enron doc tells a similar story in 2 hours. It was nominated for an Oscar. Settle down documentary film makers.

    The memorable scene in Enron involved despicable traders cheering on the California wild fires with jubilant chants of “burn baby burn!”. In Crime of the Century its this horrifying…

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    What would happen if Gaspar Noe reinterpreted Gus Van Sant’s “Psycho”? Would it still be a homage to Hitchcock?

    The Woman in the Window is not so much a tribute film as it is pumping all his signature sights and sounds through Nigel Tufnel’s special amp to see what comes out. There’s an odd inauthenticity about it. When Fincher made Panic Room it felt like an earnest interpretation of Hitch’s influence on him as a director. That’s not what’s going…

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  • Relic



    One of my favorite aspects of Kubrick's Shining was that his portrayal of Jack Torrance was always grounded in the idea he could just be an alcoholic abusive father. Whether the Overlook Hotel is haunted or not is secondary to the real monster within. Dads can be scary. The Babadook gave Mom an equal opportunity to be wacko before passing the baton to Hereditary. Recently The Lodge works in similar themes. Maybe there's something supernatural going on, or maybe not....sometimes…

  • Breach


    There’s a ton to goof on here, but sad sack Bruce Willis armed with the worst CGI flame thrower of all time while being forced to say, “who wants barbecue?” before digitally lighting up his co-workers that are wearing too much mouth mascara pretty much sums it up.