Midsommar ★★★★★


This might be one of the most consequential Director Cuts I’ve seen (up there with Blade Runner anyway). At least in terms of shifting the overall vibe of the film. And “shifting” might be understating it.

Although I liked the theatrical release just fine, I love where Aster went with this 3 hour cut. Looking back at my original **** review I dug the visuals, but thought it was fairly conventional folk horror. I stand by that. This Director’s Cut evolves the story into…shit…I don’t even know...something MORE. Aster calls it a “break up” movie, but isn’t it really about family, community, social bonds, etc.? Certainly the split with Christian is a part of it, but it seems to me the larger arc is replacing her family. They were there before her slacker boyfriend, and family will be there after. He was road kill on Dani’s highway to discovery.

So much jumped out at me this time around. Questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask from the theatrical cut. A consequence of transcending horror and becoming something bigger.

I almost don’t feel right checking the box “I’ve watched this film before”, because I don’t think I did.

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