The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★

The opening hook was compelling. Petulant youth hanging out in the castle well past their expiration date feels timely. You’re 25 god damn it, go do something besides sulk around the house and trade on our name. Tell me that dipshit Trump kid wouldn’t get clear directions on a simple game and still fuck it up. Look daddy, I’ve got an ax!

But, in standard A24 fashion, they excise any sense of fun and exhilaration out of this fable. I’m sure Dev Patel is a more skilled and nuanced actor than Nigel Terry, but at least Boorman and Terry make their protagonist charismatic and engaging. Could Patel’s Gawain be any more bland? Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say Lowry’s character as I don’t think it’s a function of acting. And maybe that’s the point - this is an origin story, and should he survive he’ll be the kind of knight you want to sit next to at the Round Table and share a beer with. But that’s a different movie.

There are impressive visuals no doubt, and a few of the vignettes are memorable. I was distracted by a new OLED TV, so maybe that’s a factor. I’ll probably revisit some day, but not in any rush.

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