The Shining ★★★★★

When The Shining came out in 1980 one of my critiques was that Shelley Duvall was poorly cast as Wendy Torrance. Before the movie I was a huge fan of the Stephen King novel, and she seemed nothing like the Wendy from the book. Over time, and multiple viewings, I've softened on that view. Now I think it's kind of brilliant.

What I love is that Duvall finds that sweet spot between timid and annoying....meek and passive aggressive. In the novel Wendy and Jack are more black and white.....with Kubrick these characters are fuzzy (at least initially). I had some empathy for Jack Torrance when he goes looking for that first glass of bourbon....and it has everything to do with Wendy. The scene at the type-writer proceeding it was fantastic. Duvall established herself as the perfect prey to Nicholson's predator.

Nicholson gets most of the glory here, but Duvall really anchors the story. She is now the quintessential Wendy in my view. I never should've doubted Kubrick.

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