2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

If I were asked "What is your all-time favorite Stanley Kubrick movie?", I would definitely pick Dr. Strangelove. Others pick The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon...it goes on. Many like to pick this because, like Georges Melies with Le Voyage dans la Lune, it broke ground. Less a feast for the ears and more for the eyes and mind, 2001 is a movie that deserves it's place as one of the most definitive films of science fiction. It's what could be called "pure cinema", about the experience rather than the questions. The questions themselves are infinite and wide ranging, as is the real nature of the story. For me, truthfully, I will say some of it felt like it was putting more emphasis on spectacle than the ideas it wanted us to use our brains and eyes to think through. As a whole though, I'd like to say this film is the first film to really bridge the gap between silent films and talkies. It was released 40 years after the advent of silent films but the imagery is used to that effect. Where our minds are working here, from the earliest parts of man to the farthest reaches of space. Even if we can't describe it doesn't mean it's necessarily without meaning. Especially because what we witness could be interpreted as the consciousness breaking free of it's restraints. From HAL, from machines, from Earth itself, to another level that speaks to the power of the mind over material.

In Kubrick's words, this is about finding "God on the most scientific level" so naturally it would leave us feeling open ended and unsure what we're witnessing. There's a lot to cover in this, perhaps more so than I am just trying to put in words. The more I rewatch though, which I definitely will in the future, the more I'll be able to describe it. The years show on this, but I think that's more of a compliment. Because it's pretty timeless. Without time, without a place but in it's own place and in it's own time. That's a pretty magnificent feat.

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