Upgrade ★★★★

A new standard has arrived as I will compare most sci-fi/artificial intelligence movies to this.

Wow. Just wow. Made with excellent care that definitely feels like a passion project, Upgrade surprised me in every way. Sure the story is a little thin, but it's the evenly paced, well acted performances and insane action that puts it over the top.

This has been said time and time again but the camera work here choreographed with the movements of Logan Marshall Green are the coolest I've ever seen put to screen. No joke. I can't think of another. Add in the cars, hand guns, triple twist ending and different technologies...ooff. I want to watch it again already. Speaking of Green, the first time I seen him was in the underrated "Devil" which he was excellent in. Here he brings the heartache and quick humor just enough for you to care about him and what eventually happens in the third act.

If you can take some quick jolts of violence and blood, this is a highly recommended from me. One of the years best!


Script - 7/10
Performances - 7.5/10
Directing - 9.5/10
Production - 9/10
Entertainment - 10/10

Overall - 8.6/10

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