Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

The Incredibles meets The Matrix meets Disney channel movie. These are great and also not so great things.

One thing is for sure: two hours felt like one hour. Gyllenhaal and the Into the Spiderverse-vibe aesthetics of that crazy scene in particular are great for what they do, although where risks were taken, many, many risks were also not taken (especially a certain speech by Mysterio which I kinda cringed at). It's a really fun movie, and the Black Mirror-esque plot really made me think, though it had so much more potential, if only more care was put into, if nothing else, helping Mysterio, as a character, be something a little more real and unique. I never really "recognized/realized" him as someone besides Jake Gyllenhaal in a costume, and that saddened me a little, because he has so much more potential. The script felt very limiting.


Elementals? Seriously...? Besides just that, the script and characters went about them in a way that barely made them a threat at all - they just felt like a non-threat.

Some of the CGI.. didn't quite seem even... good by today's standards. At some points I thought it looked videogame-ish. Much of it was very good, that creative scene in particular, but some also seemed very... off.

MJ deserved so much more character
exploration, seeming throughout and in the end sadly as just the female love interest with barely any depth. There's something important she does for the majority of the movie that I think I get wht but still wanted her to talk more about it. That last "triumphant" scene especially is... approaching terrible.


The Tony - Peter relationship dynamic/evolution is one of the best parts of this I think. A certain scene toward the end, before the final battle... I'm not a Marvel fan beyond liking the movies and talking about them a little, and I don't usually feel towards the characters besides them being characters in a movie played by actors (that sounded cheesy but it's the most accurate I could get), but I choked up a decent amount on that scene. Even if this or future Marvel films don't quite reach beyond mediocre writing (dialogue especially), they'll always have their heart, and Holland is a great Spiderman. He really needs to face more consequences though. He's still a kid, but he is an Avenger.

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