Us ★★★★

Honestly I think I went in with too crazy high of expectations. Yet I hate that I say that, because it really is fantastic. Maybe just some certain aspects I'd rather not were in it, and some things I wanted so much more of. The editing and score here is just...

...otherworldly. The first few minutes are an absolute masterpiece, and that extended scene of editing near the end is ridiculously hypnotic. I just feel like the clichés and such and again, certain things I'd prefer to not be in it, held it back a little (I like them, and like the concept of them being there especially with the super subtle yet still amazingly apparent satire (sometimes even seeming to break the 4th wall), but feel like they lost their effect after the first few times). I think that's the feeling I had a lot during this: that it held back, from.... something. I don't really know what that means exactly, and I know I want to watch this again at least once before it goes out of theaters, which means it's really, really good. And I wamt to think more about what it's saying/what questions it's raising.

And yes, though everyone is great, Nyong'o is the best thing in this. And yet, I feel like the screenplay held her, and the movie, back from... something even greater.

The editing. Seriously. The music. That shot of the boat?!! Nyong'o's introduction!!?? The feel of the movie. SCISSOR SOUNDS!!? AHHHHHH

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